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Aldous Burbank ๐Ÿš€ 256

๐Ÿ‘ฏ July 6, 2015

A self-portrait of Aldous Burbank.

Strap in and tie down loose objects because tonightโ€™s show is going to be a fun and exciting ride. Tonight we meed Aldous Burbank, a new friend I met on the Bellgab Forum. I really like the way he wrote up a short bio, so Iโ€™m including it in full after the break.

In other news, we have launched ๐ŸŒธBella-Haven๐ŸŒธ! Two nice shows are already there for your audio enjoyment.

Aldous, in his own words:

Aldous Burbank is a character played by a dude whoโ€™s being played by another dude who prefers to retain his anonymity in order to feel free to act as ridiculously as possible. Like the chicken who crossed the road to get to the other side, or the bear who went over the mountain to see what he could see, the dude is constantly pushing and prodding the edges of consensus reality just because it seems like somebody should.

Father of five, and grandfather of four beautiful children, his plan of never growing up has taken a major hit, but the quest for the One True Thing still takes up most of his free time. Taking the low road to high places has become Aldousโ€™s modus operandi, since he was born just smart enough to play the fool, but not bright enough to figure out a better way to get there. A perennial hippie philosopher and bible smoking, weed thumping, music making, gun toting, post-modern wingnut type, Aldous currently cultivates a generally non-ordinary, but surprisingly conservative lifestyle as a property manager with his three sons in Northern California.

Like a psychedelic Forest Gump, Aldous tripped his way through the โ€™70s, rubbing shoulders with many of people who were to become the movers of the time. Raised on the picket lines of the fledgling United Farm Workers movement with Cesar Chavez, he has run around with the likes of Timothy Leary, the Dalai Lama, Terence Mckenna, Stephen Gaskin of The Farm, mushroom man Paul Stamets, a Beastie Boy, Mexican shamans, and Native American Elders.

One of Aldousโ€™s basic tenets of life is โ€œIf you know youโ€™re f*#^@d, youโ€™re not.โ€ Although he does not recommend that you try this life philosophy at home, so far it has worked for him. ๐Ÿš€

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