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Frank Feschino, Alfred Lehmberg πŸš€ 265

πŸ‘― September 21, 2015

Cover of Frank Feschino's Braxton County Monster.

Tonight we welcome back to the show one of the best researchers in the entire UFO field, Frank Feschino. Joining him, as is our tradition, is one of the best guys in the entire UFO field, Alfred Lehmberg. If you haven’t already gotten a copy of Frank’s The Braxton County Monster, now is your chance!

Here are some more interviews with Frank and Al: (4.24.10) πŸš€ (7.28.12) πŸš€ (12.12.13) πŸš€ (10.6.14).

If you are an unrepentent Al Lehmberg fan (and if you’re not, you should be!), here are additional opportunities to listen and learn: (9.25.10) πŸš€ (7.16.11) πŸš€ (6.15.13) πŸš€ (10.12.13) πŸš€ (12.15.14). πŸš€

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