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Emma Woods 2.5 πŸš€ 268

πŸ‘― October 12, 2015

A graphic from the internet advertising telephone hypnosis.

Now that David Jacobs has published a new book of alien hybrid tales and enjoyed a round of controversy-free publicity, it’s time to talk about what is really going on behind Jacobs’s hypnotic telephone voice. It’s a compelling story, and one that can be verified. The entire story is here.

Joining us tonight to discuss this difficult topic will be Jack Brewer and Alfred Lehmberg.

The advertisement pictured at the top of the page is the first image that comes up when you google β€œtelephone hypnotist.” In this case of truly bad design, it’s β€œelephone”.

We’ve spoken with Emma Woods herself twice before, and you can check out those shows: (7.23.11) πŸš€ (12.15.14) πŸš€

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