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Zoltan Istvan, Charles Ostman 🚀 274

👯 November 23, 2015

A photo of Zoltan Istvan with a couple of intriguing inserts advertising his presidential campaign, based on the concept of transhuminism.

Tonight is going to be an amazing show! In the second half hour, we will be speaking to Zoltan Istvan, a fascinating futurist and proponent of the concept of transhumanism. Here is a wonderful article on Zoltan in Medium that you might want to read when you get a chance.

And then! In the remaining hour, we are so lucky to be able to follow-up the conversation with our very favorite historian of the future, Charles Ostman.

Fans of the show – and I know you are out there – might want to check out our earlier shows with Charles, because each of them is great: (7.31.10) 🚀 (7.14.12) 🚀 (3.16.15)🚀

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