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William Scott, James Sanders πŸš€ 276

πŸ‘― December 7, 2015

Old war poster commanding women to save paper, metal, and bones.

Tonight is the 74th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and we find ourselves, as is usual, on the brink again. We will be talking to Bill Scott and Jim Sanders, about all things military. Here is Bill Birnes’s description of the first hour of the show:

From Bill: β€œI have a Pearl Harbor special with retired Aviation Week and NSA officer Bill Scott and Jim Sanders, both of whom will talk about the real story of Pearl Harbor. Bill and I were friends with former Naval officer George Hoover. UFO folks will remember George Hoover as the person tapped by the Office of Naval Intelligence to investigate the Philadelphia Experiment and whose handwritten notes on time travel wound up in the Morris K. Jessup book. Bill knew George Hoover and will tell this story: Hoover was flying a Navy patrol plane out of Pearl in the days before the attack on Pearl and spotted the Japanese aircraft carrier fleet. He radioed back to base, but was told to stay silent. We had already broken the Japanese military codes and knew the attack was underway, moved the aircraft carriers out of Pearl, but kept the older battleships at the dock. We deliberately sat for the attack.”

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