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James Clarkson 🚀 286

👯 February 22, 2016

Photo of James Clarkson. Hi Kevan!

James Clarkson is our guest tonight, and in addition to filling us in on the upcoming and fabulous McMenamins UFO Festival coming up May 12–15, he also has some news on an incident in Vancouver, Washington. Joining us tonight is another Oregon UFO celebrity, Chris Brown.

James Clarkson has had a lifelong interest in the study of UFOs and has been a member of MUFON since 1986. He is now the Washington State Director. James lives in Olympia, WA and is retired from the police force after 30 years as an officer and State fraud investigator. Previously he served as an investigator with the Army military police.

Logo for the McMinnville Festival.

Cover of Tell My Story.

In the second part of the show, we will be learning more about Tell My Story: June Crain, The Air Force & UFOs (2015 edition). James met June Crain in 1993 while lecturing in Ocean Shores, WA. and the story is told in her own words. Her story gives some needed context for the UFO coverup since World War II, and is another piece of the ongoing Roswell puzzle. 🚀

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