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So Happy and Proud

πŸ‘― April 27, 2010

I am so incredibly relieved that last week’s show went so well and I’ve gotten it right up into the archives over there on the right. Just click on the date and you’re good to go.

It’s a show worth checking out if you ever wondered how our government might feel about the flying-saucer enigma. There was an attack – no other way to say it – on our country in 1952, and you’re only now hearing about it thanks to the incredible research done by Frank Feschino. The research is ongoing, and we hope to have him back on the show soon.

Our fabulous second voice of the evening was Al Lehmberg, and you can catch him on his big site as well as on our own blog. He is an artist and a great thinker, and he’s our samurai when the situation calls for it. His will be a regular voice heard β€˜round these waves.

And now we are going fishing for new guests. So far, things are not panning out as well as we’d hoped, but I do believe in synchronicity. Believe? Geeze … it obviously shows us how the world is run, so our guest for Saturday will end up being the exact person we should be talking to and the very person you should be hearing.

Can’t wait!

Photo and caption from NJ.com, Michael Mancuso/The Times: β€œFishermen check their net after dragging it down the Delaware River, off Lambertville, in search of shad. This trip brought in mostly carp and catfish, which are thrown back.

Frank Feschino, Alfred Lehmberg πŸš€ 5 ☜ earlier
newer ☞ Jim Channon πŸš€ 6
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