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Phil Imbrogno 🚀 14

👯 June 26, 2010

Tonight’s guest is long-time UFO and paranormal researcher Phil Imbrogno. The cloudy image of a young Phil is from our Vol. 5, No. 3 way back twenty years ago in 1990. The story in that issue, and the one that brought Phil to world-wide fame and fortune, was the Indian Point Reactor incident, which was part of the Hudson Valley flap, which is fading in memory these days.

It was a huge deal at the time, and if the internet was in full swing back then, we’d still be talking about it today. It was covered in the newspapers and magazines and even found its way to the old teevee sets. And now, with the help of a trusty scanner or two, nothing is getting lost to history, I hope.

I have been soaking in nostalgia all week. Eleven years ago I started my blog, which was called an online journal back then. I never should have quit. I am grateful that I’ve got a second chance, which I’m going to exploit madly.

And tonight we’ll be talking with a guy who didn’t quit. He didn’t give up on the strange phenomena he was living with; instead, he simply expanded his viewpoint and kept on with the research. We are all the better for it, too. His latest book is Files From the Edge, an important bookend to his very important earlier work, written with Dr. J. Allen Hyneck and Bob Pratt, Night Siege.

We’ll be talking about both books, and about one of those files from the edge. It is the very strange story of Dean Fagerstrom, which was the subject of our cover for the May 2008 issue of UFO Magazine. Read it here. You will be totally engrossed, as were we. And we’ll try to learn some more tonight. Tune in and chat if you can! Just follow the links on the top of the page. See you tonight!

The Show: Tune in to a most incredible, wonderful, deep and exciting interview with Phil Imbrogno. Phil talks about the Hudson Valley Indian Point incident, the reasons why the Hudson Valley is a hotspot from way way back to this very day … and oh yes, the multiverse, parallel universes, and so much more.

Click on the magazine covers to order the issues with Phil’s articles, and meanwhile, here is a free sample PDF of the incredible Dean Fagerstrom article that we talk about. Enjoy! 🚀

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