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Edgar Cayce Conference πŸš€ 33

πŸ‘― November 13, 2010

Live! From the Cayce Conference! Tonight my special guest, my very special guest … is none other than our own Bill Birnes, live and in person from the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment 2010 conference, being held as we speak, in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Bill will trap, er, grab one of the other speakers for a live chat, and we will see how it goes. It could be great. It could be your basic train wreck, but we’ll play it by ear, as it lays.

(Hint: It went really well!)

A photo of Nancy Birnes in front of our house's Sold sign.

The Show: Tonight’s show is a dual-city broadcast from New Jersey and Virginia, all at the same time! Bill is speaking at an Edgar Cayce conference, and I am holding down the fort and packing up all our earthly belongings.

Bill interviews several folks from the conference about Cayce’s life an legacy, including conference organizer John Van Auken. Learn a little about the A.R.E. and their incredible metaphysical library, second only to the Vatican in size and scope, and unlike the Vatican, open to the public! πŸš€

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