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George Knapp πŸš€ 41

πŸ‘― February 5, 2011

One of the true stars in the UFO field is radio host and Las Vegas reporter George Knapp. He has covered the paranormal as part of his general news duties for well over twenty years now. He is shown here with our own lovely Farah Yurdozu at the MUFON 2008 Symposium.

Here is a link to potentially huge story that he’s covering for KLAS-TV Las Vegas about Bigelow Aerospace. We will have a lively discussion, I am sure!

Robert Bigelow on KTLA TV.

The Show: Tonight we talked to George Knapp about many of his high-profile stories and contacts, including the super-myserious Robert Bigelow, benefactor to many UFO groups behind the scenes. We also talked about George’s fabulous book Hunt for the Skinwalker. I am so glad it’s available on Kindle! Do yourself a favor and curl up with it; no matter how many blankets you pile on, you will still be chilled to the bone. πŸš€

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