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Lynn Kitei πŸš€ 42

πŸ‘― February 12, 2011

So happy to have Dr. Lynn Kitei for a nice, long, thorough chat about what the Phoenix Lights mean. If anybody knows, it’s Lynne. She saw and photographed incredible glowing orange bodies of light a full two years before the big March incident that was witnessed by thousands.

Tune in for a wonderful chat!

The Show: There was – and still is – something unearthly in the skies about Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Lynne Kitei has a successful medical practice, and lucky for us, both a good camera and a lucky vantage point to photograph and report on those unearthly lights. As a result, she’s become a passionate voice for the truth about the lights in the Phoenix skies.

Here are some relevant links, which we talk about: the award-winning DVD, Dr. Lynne’s website, her newest book, The Phoenix Lights: A Skeptic’s Discovery That We Are Not Alone, and the fascinating website of Steven Blonder, another witness.

Note to Mike, from the chat … can you email me your links again? I’ve lost them and would love to add them to this talk. Thanks! πŸš€

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