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The Viper πŸš€ 43

πŸ‘― February 19, 2011

The sun is acting up and the winds here are blowing madly. It is unsettling. Our guest tonight would like to set the record straight with some of the things we’ve been saying about the place we’ve been calling Area 51. He is an insider, he has worked there, and for starters, he says it’s not called Area 51 by those in the know.

He has asked for anonymity, for what should be obvious reasons. What he has to reveal is earth-shaking if true. Let’s see if it’s true. It will be an interesting show, I think.

Three soldiers dressed in chemical suits.

Our anonyous guest has told us volumes about the hidden retrievals of downed objects from Elsewhere. As a member of the Air Force’s NBC unit, which stands for nuclear-biological-chemical retrieval and clean-up operations, he has participated in many crash-retrieval operations in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

His accounts are compelling and full of detail. Listen and decide. πŸš€

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