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Tom Carey πŸš€ 44

πŸ‘― March 5, 2011

Tom Carey examines the Viper. Tonight we will have the pleasure of talking to Tom Carey. Tom is a respected UFO researcher, most known for his collaboration with Don Schmitt on Witness to Roswell, published in 2007 by Paraview and New Page Books.

Tom is shown on the right in the above photograph with Jerry Pippen, a fellow member of the Inception Radio Network. They are shown at Roswell in 2004.

One of the topics will be last week’s interview with The Viper, which you can listen to online if you missed the show. Tom served in the Air Force around the same time that Viper served, and he also has a Top Secret clearance, so it should be interesting.

Tom is currently working on a new book about the UFO material from Roswell that went to Wright Field, so again, it should be interesting!

Meanwhile I am fascinated, in a very icky way, with the reception last week’s show has had on the Open Mind forum. People really really don’t like me! And I say β€œum” a lot. I will try to improve!! I know that all publicity is supposed to be good publicity, but really … it does sting, especially when it’s from none other than John Lear.

But, we soldier um. I mean, on.

Front entrance sign to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Tom was gracious enough to fill us in on his thoughts on the Viper’s appearance last week. In addition, he talked a little about his new book on the Wright-Patterson Air Field, which is where the bodies may be located. You know – those bodies. πŸš€

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