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πŸ‘― March 12, 2011

On Saturday we will be speaking with Carol Rainey, who is in the process of making a documentary about abduction, her work with Budd Hopkins, and in a sneak preview, her work with the very famous Linda Cortile case. Right now, Carol is in the middle of a firestorm of controversy, so it’s important to hear her views, her motivation, her side.

Here is a short bio:

Carol Rainey has been making award-winning documentaries for PBS, cable, and commercial distribution for over two decades. Although in the past she has focused mainly on scientific and medical subjects, Rainey is currently working on a feature-length documentary about a subculture of people who steadfastly report paranormal experiences that fly in the face of mainstream science.

Several of Carol Rainey’s narrative short films and original screenplays have also won grant awards and a degree of notoriety. She has written additional feature-length screenplays and teleplays and co-authored the book β€œSight Unseen,” published in 2003 by Atria: Simon & Schuster. She has developed considerable skill in writing grants and proposals that regularly bring in funding for both her own projects and those of clients.

Nighttime view of the Manhattan Bridge.

The Show: Tonight’s show was just wonderful. Carol Rainey tells a story of discovery, of looking behind the veil of alien-abduction research. Pictured here is the Manhattan Bridge, site of one of the most famous UFO cases and subject of Budd Hopkins’s Witnessed: The True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge Abduction.

Let’s go behind the scenes, shall we? πŸš€

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