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Jay Weidner πŸš€ 51

πŸ‘― April 23, 2011

Jay Weidner has fascinating views and opinions on fascinating subjects: Did Stanley Kubrick help to create the modern myth of man’s first steps on the moon? Are there keys to our civilization’s origins and ultimate destinations left behind in ancient monuments?

He researches the very biggest topics: who we are, where we came from, what’s going to happen to us. This is a conversation I can’t wait to have!

Jay is a filmmaker, a radio personality, a scholar, and an adventurer. Check out his bio and his work here, and get ready for a great ride. More importantly, you’re already on it!

Cover of Kubrick's Odyssey.

The Show: You are in for a real treat with this one! Join us as we talk to Jay Weidner for a great conversation that ranges all the way out to the rings of Saturn and the mysterious moon of Iapetus. Are there hidden meanings in the films of Stanley Kubrick? Do the meanings point to our true heritage, as illuminated by Kubrick? You bet. Enjoy – and I know you will. πŸš€

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