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Tracy Twyman 🚀 50

👯 April 16, 2011

I have wanted to interview Tracy Twyman ever since I heard her speak on Coast to Coast AM a few years ago about the occult underpinnings of our currency and particularly, our most amazing dollar bill. Tracy has written several books on esoteric subjects, and you can see a selection here.

Tracy is also a scholar of the Grail mythos, MK-ULTRA, and even the most modern embodiments of the ancient myths. Tune in for a wonderful talk.

A photo of a man undergoing the Masonic ritual.

The Show: The image, above, is from a short film Tracy R. Twyman made when she was still in college. It shows various Freemason secrets – or does it? You can catch it on YouTube here. Meanwhile, stop by her website, where there are many articles to read, as well as many books for sale … and leave a nice donation. This is how independent writers stay independent!

Tonight, Tracy talked about the monetary system and explained how money works in this modern day, where our current system started, as well as some interesting hopes and ideas for future economies. Very enriching! 🚀

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