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Ricky Simpson πŸš€ 55

πŸ‘― May 21, 2011

Our show this Saturday will be both informative and infuriating. Ricky Simpson, pictured above, has created a medicinal treatment for many, many kinds of ailments and he gives it away. For free. He also shows you how to make the medicine.

All well, and good … especially if you have an ailment. However, if you also live anywhere on Planet Earth, you will be breaking the law if you try to create your own medicine. Too bad for you!

Tune in this Saturday May 21 and hear Ricky’s story, and join the chat to discuss. Remember: always obey the law. Or else.

An illustration of a cannabis molecule.

The Show: Tonight’s show was lots of fun, and very informative, I think. I’ve learned a lot about our legal system and how it relates to some of our basic human freedoms. Check out Rick Simpson’s site and his amazing movie, Run from the Cure. You will be illuminated.

After illumination, you will have to contact your local … lawgiver, and ask him or her to give us back our freedom to heal ourselves. Again, good luck to all of us. πŸš€

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