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James Sanders 🚀 65

👯 August 6, 2011

Vibrant good health is possible for everyone! Tonight we will talk about the state of the health system in this country, with the emphasis on how you can access your fair share of the goodies. Is alternative medicine under siege? You think?

Jim Sanders is on the front line, and has been for a long time now. He is our go-to guy when times get tough, and this past week has been plenty tough for us, health-wise. I have hives, I think. Exciting times, so tune in!


The Show: Tonight our talk with Jim Sanders went in a few different directions, but we primarily talked about some alternative, but very efficacious approaches to creating a very healthy body … with supplements and herbs.

Some of the websites discussed are: Mountain Rose, Pure Prescriptions, and Rain Tree Nutrition. The Hi Dow device that Jim spoke about is here, on Amazon. We’ve ordered one and will let you know how it goes.

In addition to a wealth of health info, Jim is also known for “The Downing of Flight 800,” among many investigative triumphs. 🚀

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