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John Ventre πŸš€ 66

πŸ‘― August 13, 2011

Big John From MUFON

Tonight we’ll be talking to John Ventre, the MUFON state director for the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia, and the author of β€œ12/21/2012: A Prophecy,” an apocalyptic novel.

Here are some additional interesting tidbits from John’s bio: he’s a lifetime member of the NRA and the co-inventor of the Thor Wood Splitter. He also owns the UFO-themed Mexican restaurant trademark β€œFlying Sauca.” Definitely lots to talk about!

Cover of The Day After 2012.

John Ventre is most known as a state director of MUFON, the Mututal UFO Network. He is currently a resident of Pennsylvania, and some of our talk tonight involved the various sightings that have occurred over this state in the last few years.

But there is so much more to John. His second book, β€œThe Day After 2012,” is a thrilling follow-up to his first novel β€œ!2/21/2012: A Prophecy,” and John has been researching this subject for well on fifteen years by now. So, what he has to say is not only thrilling, but chilling. I would say, as usual, to enjoy our show – and you will – but this is a particularly scary one. πŸš€

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