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Shop Talk πŸš€ 73

πŸ‘― October 1, 2011

Tonight we’re going to have a fun, totally indulgent show for ourselves. We will talk about sightings, of course, since we’re soaking in them. But, we’ll also talk about Occupy Wall Street, the Jewish Holidays, and why not? Spaghetti.

Here are some links to the topics for tonight:

Bill Cunningham

Occupy Wall Street live feed.

We had a wonderful, relaxed but intense talk about many things, including the wonderful film called Bill Cunningham and the continuing occupation of Wall Street. We had fun! I hope you will, too. Next week we will be off for the serious holiday of Yom Kippur, just like last year.

Shana Tova! and have a happy beginning of October! πŸš€

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