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Ken Storch πŸš€ 75

πŸ‘― October 22, 2011

Dulce … sweet, sweet Dulce. Tonight we will be talking to Ken Storch, an investigator who appeared on UFO Hunters several times. His involvement with UFOs is undeniably controversial and truly weird, and we will delve.

Here is Ken’s bio:

Ken Storch has been in low enforcement for over 25 years. He is retired from law enforcement, and was a police officer in Aurora, Colorado. He has been researching the UFO phenomena for decades, and at the risk of being ridiculed, has been brave enough to come out and discuss police involvement in UFO sightings.

Ken’s interest in UFOs began in the late 1960s while he was in the Air Force working for the Strategic Air Command during the war between Egypt and Israel. Ken was in the war room when they picked up five aircraft moving at tremendous speed over the Northwest. They thought that they were possibly Russian ICBMs until the object changed course.

It caused such a panic that DefCon Four was initiated. This is the level one step before a counter-launch, and bombers were scrambled. The objects continued to pass over the United States, continued up to Canada and into Russia. Nothing on the event ever reached the papers. Ever since that incident Ken has been investigating the UFO phenomena, and in the last few years has become an important figure in the UFO research community.

The Show: Tonight’s conversation with Ken Storch is just an amazing one. You will be amazed, gob-smacked, and astounded. Ken has all the savvy of a street-smart cop, coupled with years in intelligence service for the Air Force. He knows what he has seen, and he has seen more than most of us ever will.

He’s also lots of fun to talk to, and your faith in humanity will be improved after listening to this show, even while your borders will be threatened! πŸš€

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