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Kate Valentine πŸš€ 76

πŸ‘― November 5, 2011

We heart Kate Valentine! We welcome fellow radio show host at general UFO enthusiast Kate Valentine, of Atlantic Coast UFOs. Her UFO Talk Radio Show is broadcast on Sundays at 4 p.m. on WVNJ AM 1160 and she has a night show called Viewpoints on Sundays at midnight on 970 The Apple.

Kate was a classmate of Bill’s at NYU back in the day, so there’s that whole nostalgia thing that we so dearly love. Plus, UFOs! The current state of the paranormal. And, as they say, much much more!

The Show: We had a great conversation with Kate Valentine, host of the Kate Valentine UFO Show on WVNJ AM radio on Sundays at 4 p.m. In her first year of interviewing personalities in the UFO field, she has pretty much covered the waterfront, bringing you interesting, fact-filled shows on all the topics that we love so much here at Future Theater.

But tonight, the tables were turned and Kate herself was the interviewee, rather than interviewer. You will enjoy a peek behind the radio curtains as we talk about the current state of ufology, as well as … you know … everything else! πŸš€

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