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Tom Clifford πŸš€ 78

πŸ‘― November 19, 2011

Crime fighter, now retired. I can’t believe how time flies! Already, it’s almost Thanksgiving and already the month of November is almost over. And it’s been way too long since we’ve talked to our old friend Tommy Clifford, formerly of the DEA.

Tommy is one of the good guys. I’ll just leave it at that. Listen in, and you’ll see why that is! And why there was almost a movie, and it was almost certainly going to be a blockbuster.

The Show: Tommy Clifford, formerly of the DEA, is an expert on money laundering. Retired from federal work, he is now a private citizen and an CSI investigator in Arizona. We’ve known him since 1994, when we were assigned to work on a book together.

This show is an unusual one, in that it’s a fun conversation between old friends, but it’s also an amazing trip around the curtain and into the dark rooms of power. Both legit power and highly illegitimate bastions of power. Money is the tie that binds them all.

Some of the listeners in chat were surprised to hear from this side of the story, and they let me know as the interview was progressing. I think you will find it totally illuminating.

Unlike most of the conspiracy specialists in the UFO field, our guest tonight isn’t discussing theory, but rather, the practical and the real. Enjoy! πŸš€

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