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Shop Talk πŸš€ 79

πŸ‘― November 26, 2011

Tonight we invite you over to our house for some fine wine, some fine conversation, and of course, controversy. It’s just the three of us tonight … Bill, me, and you. Let’s hope the turkey is well-done and the cranberries are saucy.

TalkStream Live chart.

The Show: Tonight we just talked … just Bill, me, and a little bit of Jamie, too. Sure, I glanced at the chat and tried to keep up, but mostly we had our own things to say, and so that’s what we did. It was fun. For us, and I hope, for you, too.

Thanks to all of you who are listening, and to the superb smoothness of the Inception Radio Network, we were at the top of the chart on TalkStream Live – a great app for listening to talk radio – the whole time. Did I say thanks? Thanks! πŸš€

Tom Clifford πŸš€ 78 ☜ earlier
newer ☞ Lorenzo Hagerty πŸš€ 80
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