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Lorenzo Hagerty πŸš€ 80

πŸ‘― December 3, 2011

A Must-Hear Show! Lorenzo Hagerty is one of the most important people on the internet, in my opinion. I’ve long depended on his vast collection of listening material at his Psychedelic Salon, a vast treasure-trove of intelligent, cogent, in-depth talk.

You can expect that kind of talk on our show on Saturday. I think we share the similar goals of trying to both understand and save the world … so please do tune in. Don’t drop out. You know the rest.

Cover of Genesis Generation.

Tonight was made our first contact with Lorenzo Hagerty, and it was a great show. I know you’ll enjoy the discussion on Occupy, the internet, and the long-lost prisoners of war that our country has all but forgotten.

We veered a bit into the sea lanes, memory lane, and of course … UFOs. Also, Wobblies. Enjoy! πŸš€

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