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Todd Knurr, Ken Storch πŸš€ 81

πŸ‘― December 10, 2011

Another Look at the Underground. Tonight our guest is Todd Knurr, a friend and colleague of Ken Storch, who was on the show in October. We will be talking about the Dulce secret base, as well as UFOs and police work in general.

Here is Todd’s bio:

β€œI am a retired police officer. I spent most of my career on the street and served as a field training officer in two police departments.

I have P.O.S.T. certified training that includes SWAT, counter-terrorism, international terrorism, HSAC anti-terrorism workshop, bomb-threat search technique, interview and interrogation, elements of intelligence, investigative and surveillance technologies, sexual-assault investigations and field-training officer, basic and advanced.

I have assisted Ken Storch on several UFO-related investigations and have been studying the phenomena of UFOs most of my life.”

A blackhawk helicopter.

We had a fabulous conversation with Todd Knorr and Ken Storch tonight. In fact, it seemed as if the whole world was listening … or at least a few interested folks in a few military-type conveyances. They were actually buzzing Ken’s house as we were speaking.

We did talk a bit about the Dulce Base, as well as a whole lot about Project Intercept. Very interesting! πŸš€

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