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Mack Maloney πŸš€ 82

πŸ‘― December 17, 2011

On Saturday we will be speaking with multi-talented writer and musician Mack Maloney. His latest book is a nonfiction: UFOs in Wartime, and of course, we’ll discuss. But we’ll also take about Mack’s music and his vast science fiction knowledge.

Can’t wait! Tune in live at 6 p.m. Eastern; a little bit earlier for lively tunes. We do love tunes.

Cover of UFOs in Wartime.

Mack Maloney is a very prolific author of several exciting science-fiction series: the Wingman series of 14 books and the Starhawk series, among many others. He has taken that expertise and applied it to the real world in his latest book, β€œUFOs in Wartime.”

Our talk ranged from various publishing stories to the general big-puzzle picture that the continued hiding of the UFO truth has created from our reality. Tune in and be aware! πŸš€

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