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Michael Coumatos, William Scott πŸš€ 84

πŸ‘― January 7, 2012

Tonight we are talking with Mike Coumatos and Bill Scott, co-writers, big thinkers, and future planners. It is always better to be prepared, right? Their first book, Space Wars, described the possible type of combat we might see if all the powers that be decide to stew and feud.

Their second book, CounterSpace, continues the story.

Here are the backgrounds for Mike and Bill:

MICHAEL COUMATOS is a former U.S. Navy test pilot, ship’s captain, and commodore; U.S. Space Command director of wargaming; and a National Security Council counterterrorism advisor.

WILLIAM B. SCOTT is a retired bureau chief of Aviation Week & Space Technology and a nine-year Air force veteran who served as aircrew on nuclear sampling missions. He is a six-time Royal Aeronautical Society β€œJournalist of the Year” finalist, and won the Society’s 1998 Lockheed Martin Award for the β€œBest Defense Submission.” He also received both the 2006 and 2007 Messier-Dowty awards for β€œBest Airshow Submission.”

A war games simulation.

The Show: Mike Coumatos and Bill Scott have brought their combined expertise to bear on a series of books about the future of warcraft in the world as we know it. Using actual war-game technology from real-world scenarios, they have created two thrilling novels, so far.

Check out the newest, CounterSpace, and the first, Space Wars. You will not be disappointed with the thrills and the chills. Meanwhile, this show provides a little background on the thinking that goes into the making of the novel and the men. Enjoy! πŸš€

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