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πŸ‘― February 4, 2012

A Birthday Conversation. Gather β€˜round the equivalent of our kitchen table as we talk about what we want to talk about! Jamie Havican and I share the same birthday, also Saturday, which is show-day, so that’s the first topic. From there, we will wing it with Al Lehmberg, and you know what that means!

Join in the fun a little bit earlier for tunes, if you please. Good times!

The Show: As would befit a birthday celebration for Jamie and Nancy, the topic first starts off with the idea of time. I’ve been reading JosΓ© Arguelles’s book Time and the Technosphere, and so we all looked up our birth dates on this website.

Also, here is the – unexpurgated* – version of the book review by Sean Casteel that we ran in a past issue.

*In the PDF that some folks have posted online, a small part about Arguelles’s personal life has been replaced with a cut-up photo. Geeze. This is the beauty of a paper magazine, on the record.

And then, we talked about dreams, Alfred’s take on our future guest Frank Longo, and so forth and so on. No audio probs with this one; also no stress. Enjoy! πŸš€

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