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Alan Godfrey πŸš€ 87

πŸ‘― January 28, 2012

A critically important UFO case. Our guest tonight is Alan Godfrey, whose own UFO sighting and case was the subject of a UFO Hunters episode in season one. His story is most compelling. Here is some wiki-background on Alan:

Alan Godfrey is a retired police constable who served with the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Force. His life and career are notable for having been entangled in some of Britain’s most unusual mysteries, including the Zigmund Adamski case, allegedly connected with the UFO phenomenon. His alleged UFO encounter took place during one of the most active waves of UFO sightings in British history. He is considered by some ufologists to be one of the first alien abductees in Britain. Ufologist Jenny Randles has claimed that the Alan Godfrey case cemented the Pennines as the central hot spot of UFO activity in Britain, and possibly in all of Europe.

Alan Godfrey at the blackboard.

The Show: Tonight’s show was rich in deep historical detail as Alan Godfrey describes the many intricate episodes in his complex story. He definitely saw a UFO, up close and for a long time. The story includes government intervention and trouble, a dead body on top of a coal pile – a very tall coal pile – and much, much more.

A program note: Alan is in the U.K. and our Skype connection is very soft. Therefore, you have to listen carefully and believe me, it’s more than worth your concentration. It’s a great, complete retelling of a gripping tale. πŸš€

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