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Jeremy Vaeni πŸš€ 90

πŸ‘― February 18, 2012

Our sweet old pal Jeremy Vaeni has moved to Hawaii, and he will tell us all about it. Also: dolphins and his new book Urgency! Exclamation mark is included, free of charge.

We’ll also fill in the background, for those of you not familiar with Jeremy. It’s a puzzle, wrapped in a taco, but nonetheless tasty. Meanwhile, here is his cyber home base, along with Jeff Ritzman, his partner in all things Paratopia.

Cover of Urgency.

The Show: Tonight’s show, all the way from Hawaii, was full of fun, intrigue, and deep insights. If you would like to know more about Jeremy’s amazing out-of-reality experiences, you should definitely read Urgency. And if you don’t already know all about Paratopia, the show and site, do yourself a favor and visit.

Jeremy has been a long-time columnist for UFO Magazine, as well as the author of I Know Why the Aliens Don’t Lane. If you like the field of ufology in all its glory, you will love this show! πŸš€

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