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Ted Phillips, Tom Ferrario πŸš€ 94

πŸ‘― March 17, 2012

Our show this Saturday will be another one for the books – the weird, wyrd, dark books in that alternate universe that seems to be pressing next to ours in Marley Woods. Our guests are Ted Phillips, renowned UFO researcher and Tom Ferrario.

Oddly, we’ve been having a devil of a time getting in touch to prep the show, so stay tuned. Things are alway spooky and mysterious around here, but way more so than usual. Updates as I can gather them will be posted here.

A 1975 photo of Ted Phillips with J. Allen Hynek.

The Show: Tonight’s show went off without a hitch, and given the nature of our discussions and considering the fact that we had two very fine guests on the line, that’s pretty impressive. Ted Phillips has been an investigator in the UFO field for a long time now, and he is the keeper of the privacy of two very big secret site, which we discussed in detail, along with his fellow researcher Tom Ferrario.

Ted is probably best known as the director of the Center for Physical Trace Research. He is shown in the 1975 photo, above, with J. Alan Hynek.

Here is the mission statement for CPTR:

β€œThe Center for Physical Trace Research was established June 1, 1998 by Ted Phillips to provide a central repository for the receipt, study, and distribution of UFO landing events involving physical residue. Phillips has worked on hundreds of such cases since 1969 with the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek and the Center for UFO Studies, as well as with Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network, Incorporated (MUFON).”

We talked last night about two of his more famous cases, namely Marley Woods and that mysterious artifact somewhere in mountains of Europe. You will really enjoy this show! πŸš€

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