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Scott and Suzanne Ramsey πŸš€ 95

πŸ‘― March 24, 2012

The Aztec Incident! Tonight we will be speaking with Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, pictured above, with our friend and fellow radio host Jerry Pippin, who is standing on the right. A big happy shout-out to Al Lehmberg, who has put us all together.

Scott and Suzanne have a new book out, The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon, which can be found at their new website. We will be having a wonderful discussion, I predict. The incident itself, which the Ramseys have been researching for almost 25 years now, of course, will be covered in as much detail as we can manage. I can’t wait to learn more about our long, hidden history.

Cover of the Aztec Incident.

The Show: Tonight we learned all about yet another chapter – yes, an entire chapter – of our hidden urological history. Thanks to the near-heroic efforts of Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, this story is not lost. And speaking of an entire chapter, you can read the first chapter free at this link, but of course you will also want to buy the book.

Another interesting read is the older book by Frank Scully, Behind the Flying Saucers. This history wasn’t always hidden, and sometimes it’s just hiding in plain sight. πŸš€

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