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Sean Casteel πŸš€ 97

πŸ‘― April 14, 2012

We’re back from a really great vacation – both Christian and Jewish – and we’re ready to rock and roll with good friend and author Sean Casteel. Sean has written an article for every single issue of UFO Magazine since Volume 19, when I came aboard.

So, to say we have lots to talk about is an understatement. We always do! Also, this week we will touch on the Bible, since Sean is an expert. Check out his website and his books!

Cover of Excluded Books of the Bible.

The Show: We had a great vacation and a great guest to return to the air waves with: Sean Casteel. He and Bill had some fruitful biblical discussions, and he and I had some fun background discussions. It’s always good to know how a writer first got interested in the sort of things that we discuss on this show.

Sean’s latest article for UFO Magazine is a review of An Invitation To The Dance: The Awakening of the Extended Human Family by Steven Jones. Check it out! πŸš€

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