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Scotty Roberts πŸš€ 100

πŸ‘― May 5, 2012

Our 100th Show! With Scotty Roberts!

description: Our esteemed guest for this, our landmark 100th show, is Scotty Roberts, author, raconteur, and expert on all things Nephilim. We will be focusing on his new book The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim: The Untold Story of Fallen AngelsThe Rise and Fall of the Nephilim.

That’s a big title for a big topic, and we will be having a Big Good Time. Join us!

Cover of Rise of the Nephilim.

The Show: Tonight’s show was a really great one! It’s one of the shows I would point a new listener to – full of info, deep info, deeper insights, and all sorts of verbal party fun. Plus, you always learn a lot, adding to the fun.

Scotty Roberts has been studying the intriguing stories of Moses and the Nephilim, the giants who were once thought to walk the earth. Are they still here? Are they metaphorical and have they never existed, except in lore and fairy tales? Tune in.

His book: The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim, can be purchased from Amazon and from his own website as well.

Plus, this was our one-hundreth show, and we are very very proud to have brought you so much fun these past Saturday evenings. Onward! πŸš€

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