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Zohara Hieronimus πŸš€ 101

πŸ‘― May 12, 2012

We are so excited to be chatting with Zohara Hieronimus this week, and we will be talking about her newest book Sanctuary of the Divine Presence. She is a scholar and the founder of the Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center, which is a holistic health care and services provider.

Our readers, of course, know her as the wife of Dr. Bob Hieronimus and the co-host of 21st Century Radio … our longest-running column in the magazine. Lots to talk about, so tune in and enjoy!

Cover of Sanctuary of the Divine Presence.

The Show: This is a wonderful, wonderful conversation, full of the nicest ideas for living your life as a prayer. Dr. Zoh Hieronimus is a scholar of the biblical and ancient teachings of Kabbalah and most important, the inspired Tree of Life.

Her current book is Sanctuary of the Divine Presence, and it’s a technology for becoming a more thoughtful, more joyful, more considered human being, and I have felt so inspired from this talk. Enjoy – I know you will! πŸš€

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