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Stu Shostak, Rick Lertzman 🚀 103

👯 May 26, 2012

Join us for a fun change of pace as we enter the time machine of our collective psyches with Stu Shostak and our old pal Rick Lertzman. Bill and Rick are currently working on a book together and so this should be a very lively show about old timey TV and the people who made it magic.

It is magic, you know. Perhaps of the arcane mundane type, but effective nonetheless. We’ll put an other-worldly spin on it all … so join in and have a happy Memorial Day weekend!

TV set with Stu Shostak's ad inside.

The Show: Wonderful, wonderful chat tonight with Stu Shostak and Rick Lertzman. The conversation was wide-ranging and lots of fun. We touch on old-timey TV, of course, as well as the future of the world as we know it. Lots of laughs and fun, and a fit beginning to what I hope is a wonderful weekend for everyone! 🚀

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