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Robert Powell πŸš€ 110

πŸ‘― July 21, 2012

Tonight we’re getting back to our roots, glorious and gnarled though they may be. We will be speaking to Robert Powell, editor of the new Anomalist book UFOs and Government. It should be interesting, frustrating, and scary all at once, I predict.

I’m also trying something new this week with this website and the downloads. Instead of posting an entire separate entry with the download link for posterity, I’m going to put the download right here on this intro page and save myself a whole step. Let’s see if it works.

So, as soon as producer Jamie has the show in digital format, I’ll post it here and hope that iTunes can find it, as well as everyone else. Otherwise, I’ll go back to the older way of doing things. Either way, really looking forward to this one.

Update: The change I had in mind for the site didn’t work, so things will continue exactly the way they’ve been. Eventually, I’ll move everything to a new program. Such is the state of the web.

The Show: The subject of UFOs and the Government, which also happens to be the title of our guest Robert Powell’s new book, is endlessly fascinating and frustrating. How can such a big secret continue to be kept by a government that is increasingly both sprawling and compartmentalized?

We talked about this very thing from many different angles and we covered many different eras, too. I hope you will enjoy this discussion as much as we did! πŸš€

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