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Chris Brown, Soroya Biela πŸš€ 270

πŸ‘― October 26, 2015

A pretty postcard vision of Halloween, with fairies dancing around a little sleeping girl.

Tonight we’re going to have a bit of spooky fun mixed in with the real-life scarier stories. For the fun, I’ve asked Soroya Biela to discuss vampires with us, and for the real-life story of quite a different paranormal nature, Chris Brown and his son Colton will be here. Bill is traveling and probably won’t be able to join us, but you never know what will happen on a Halloween show!

Chris Brown has been a guest of Future Theater before, and here are his appearances: (6.16.14) πŸš€ (10.27.14)

Soroya Biela was alos on an earlier show, which you can listen to here: (6.15.15) πŸš€

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