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Jack Sarfatti πŸš€ 291

πŸ‘― March 28, 2016

A photo of Jack Sarfatti taken from YouTube.

Tonight we welcome Jack Sarfatti back to the show. Jack is a theoretical physicist with a very colorful background as a Bohemian aristocrat who specializes in quantum theory and consciousness.

Cover of Super Cosmos.

Jack is the author of Super Cosmos: Through Struggles to the Stars (Space-Time and Beyond), Destiny Matrix, and Space-Time and Beyond II: The Series: Episode 2 β€œDark Energy”.

And now, for something completely different, here is a heady presentation of a magical nature. If you’re a fan of Robert Anton Wilson, you will want to watch and listen. Here are Jack’s own liner notes:

β€œI wrote this under the influence of psychedelic mushroom tea in about 45 minutes I think it was 1977 at 2 Whiting Place on Telegraph Hill in the apartment that Michael Murphy owner of Esalen in Big Sur gave me. It was the abode of his fictional character Jacob Atabet in his novel End of History about psychic war between the Soviet Union and America back then.”

Cover of Space-Time.

Jack’s earlier appearances on the show can be found here: (6.2.10) πŸš€ (1.29.11) πŸš€

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