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Rey Hernandez, Robert Davis πŸš€ 292

πŸ‘― April 4, 2016

Photo of Bob Davis.

Tonight we welcome back Rey Hernandez, one of the founders of FREE, the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, and we also meet Dr. Robert Davis, whose is pictured above and whose latest book is listed below.

Cover of the book The UFO Phenomenon.

Reinerio (Rey) Hernandez is one of the four cofounders of FREE (Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters). Rey and his entire family are experiencers, and he is an estate tax attorney with the IRS. He was previously an Adjunct Professor for six years at the New School for Social Research and the City University of New York. He has attended Rutgers College, Cornell University, and was a PhD candidate in city and regional planning at U.C. Berkeley. Rey resides with his family in Miami, Florida.

Dr. Robert Davis is a board director of FREE. He was a professor at the State University of New York for over 30 years. He graduated City University of New York and received his PhD in Hearing Science and Audiology from The Ohio State University. Dr. Davis has published over forty articles in scholarly journals and several book chapters on various topics in neuroscience, audiology, and the effects of noise on hearing. He has also lectured on these topics at national and international conferences and was awarded several major grants to fund research in the hearing sciences.

You can catch Rey’s earlier appearance last year on Future Theater here. πŸš€

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