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Lloyd Pye πŸš€ 21

πŸ‘― August 14, 2010

Tonight we talk to Lloyd Pye about the enigmatic skull he’s holding in his hands here. Lloyd was our cover boy back in 2007, and since then he’s continued his work to get the DNA analyzed so that the skull’s true origins can be determined.

Lloyd has often been maligned, but he continues his work nonetheless. I believe that science has much to offer us as we tackle our individual learning curves, but when it comes to the skull pictured above, science seems to come up empty. There are very important unanswered questions, and we will ask those questions tonight, 6 PM EST.

Cover of UFO Magazine #135.

The Show: Lloyd Pye has had an amazing journey for the last eleven and a half years as the trusted champion of a very unusual artifact called the Starchild Skull. In this episode, he talks about the results of some new research recently conducted on the skull, and the implications this new twist have on science and earthly history. It’s world-shattering, and it’s right there, in the lab. Lloyd is also a lovely man and a wonderful voice of reason, so you’ll really enjoy this one!

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