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πŸ‘― October 16, 2010

He Predicted That NYC UFO visit. We had an interesting day this past Wednesday, October 13. I was busy dealing with pressing matters involved with getting our current issue to press, and thus pretty much not involved with things going on in the outside world, or the internets, or the skies … and so when I started to see news items in the regular press about UFOs over New York City, I was no more involved than you or you or you.

However, I did follow events as closely as I could, feeling a mixture of dread – because there was no way I could go online and refresh our website or in any way participate – and awe. Yes, awe. There was a very active thread going on at Above Top Secret, which is a major forum website for all things outrΓ©.

As you get up to speed on what happened that day, you will come upon the name Stanley Fulham and his eerie prediction of Wednesday’s events. Or was it? Tune in tonight and we will try to sort all this out. It will be fascinating, I can assure you!


The Show: Tonight we spoke to Stanley Fulham, a Canadian researcher and former NORAD member who has recently entered the public debate with a prediction about alien contact that has very nearly come true – or has it? Listen to this interview and make up your own mind, of course.

The map, above is from the NOAA weather page on the evening of October 13. Those circular blue masses are a function of doppler radar patterns, and more specifically, the pulse-doppler technique used by NOAA. I talk about this radar image on the show, as well as the similar image at the 13.56 mark on this YouTube interview with Stanley.

Randy Kitchur, who is featured on the video, tells me that he didn’t insert those radar images, which must have come from earlier in September when the video was made by a third party. It gets confusing, and it’s easy to get confused here. Still, read up on doppler radar and continue to become a better informed citizen. I know I will.

Meanwhile, Stanley has written a very intriguing book called Challenges of Change, and you can purchase it here. πŸš€

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