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Arlan Andrews πŸš€ 31

πŸ‘― October 30, 2010

Our guest tonight is Arlan Andrews, who is a very prolific writer, scientist, and UFO Magazine columnist. In addition, Arlan is a founder of the Sci Fi think tank Sigma and an expert on Egypt and ancient technologies. He has written the forward to a fascinating book, Christopher Dunn’s The Giza Power Plant. Needless to say, I can’t wait to ask him about this, as well as his recent trip to Egypt. The photo, above, was taken at Dier el Medina and shows Arlan, in his prime!

The Show: Tonight’s conversation with columnist Arlan Andrews ranges from ancient Egyptian machine mysteries to the modern day mystery in our skies known as the UFO. In between, we take a stop at the White House for some governmental back story as well as a little walk down memory lane with some older, but persistent cases. Oh, and here’s the Antikythera Mechanism, for your perusal. πŸš€

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