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Lloyd Pye πŸš€ 105

πŸ‘― June 9, 2012

Lloyd Pye’s Latest!

We are very pleased and excited to welcome back our old pal Lloyd Pye and learn what’s happened – hint: a lot! – since our last visit. Known to most folks as the investigator of the 900-year old artifact known as the Starchild Skull, Lloyd is also a prolific and compelling author.

My personal favorite of his books remains Everything You Know is Wrong, but tonight we will also be talking about his newest book Intervention Theory Essentials. Tune in and learn things!

Cover of Intervention Theory.

The Show: We had such a great time talking to Lloyd Pye! The themes of his newest book, Intervention Theory Essentials, wove throughout our discussion of the most up-to-date information on the Starchild Skull. And there have been some changes since our last visit with Lloyd.

Once the DNA is studied and the facts are in, it’s going to be much, much harder for the Powers That Be to keep a lid on this story. It’s the story of our generation if we are lucky enough to be around for it. You can keep in touch with Lloyd’s work by checking out his YouTube channel, where he will post his most recent findings. Enjoy the show! πŸš€

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